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Jay Gotra

CEO of Alliance Security, Information Technology and Services

Jay Gotra, CEO of Alliance Security

Jay Gotra's Bio:

Jay Gotra is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Security based in Rhode Island. As the son of a lawyer and a mechanical engineer, Jay Gotra’s predilection for  problem-solving  was apparent from a very early age. Jay enjoyed the challenge of finding solutions to all kinds of problems, so naturally he gravitated towards math and science in school as a child. Growing up in Mumbai, Jasjit Gotra received an education in entrepreneurship outside of school through observing the many business men in his family. And Jay developed a healthy sense of competition through the time he spent playing cricket, soccer and hockey.


An Early Education in Entrepreneurship

Jay had his first job at the age of 14 and by age 15 he ran his father’s convenience store and worked at his uncle’s car dealership as a salesman and as an automotive craftsmen detailing the cars. When Jay was 15, the Gotras moved the US and settled in Agwam, MA with the intention of preparing Jay and his sister for undergraduate careers at american universities.


College vs a Career

Jay attended UMass Dartmouth where he planned to follow the track of a mechanical engineer, but an alternate path presented itself, and Jay jumped at the opportunity. During his time as an undergraduate, Jay took up a part-time job selling and installing home security systems as a means of earning a bit of income to help establish himself as a financially independent adult. Jay loved interacting with clients, learning about the hardware involved with these security systems and being a part of a growing market. This excitement about the work was palpable and did not go unrewarded. After a year and a quarter, this company offered Jay a full-time position as well as a partial stake in the company.


Growing a Company

Jay continued on this upward trajectory until 2003, when he realized it was time for a big change. Although he was just in his early twenties, Jay’s ambitions required that he work towards building a company around a product he could be proud of with a culture that would attract great talent. This venture started as an operation out of a spare room in his apartment with just two employees. These were the seeds of what would grow into Alliance Security. Over the past 11 years Alliance has expanded to nearly 700 employees and will have generated an estimated $115 million in sales revenue. But it is the fabric of the company- the desire to create services and products that improve the quality of life for the customer and a company culture that inspires its employees is what Jay Gotra is most proud of.


Additionally, Jay has forged relationships between different charitable organizations and Alliance to offer his employees another avenue to serve those in need. Jay works with Ten Men - an initiative that seeks to end domestic violence through education. Through Ten Men, Jay and Alliance equip transitional homes with monitoring solutions free of charge. Alliance also promotes service through a number of internal campaigns and initiatives as well.

Jay Gotra's Experience:

  • CEO & President at Alliance Security

Jay Gotra's Education:

  • UMass Dartmouth

Jay Gotra's Interests & Activities:

Philanthropy, Volunteering, Company Culture

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